When I saw The Lion King in New York City shortly after it opened in 1997, I remember thinking how difficult it must be to perform in the orchestra for a show on Broadway. Now 17 years later, I am honored to join the orchestra in the touring production of The Lion King that is currently performing at the Kennedy Center. The Lion King celebrates themes of love and redemption, guilt and forgiveness, and the differences between great leadership and poor leadership. It entertains you by making you laugh one minute and cry the next. Each night, I find myself full of emotion when Simba cries over the loss of his father, and when Simba finally ascends to throne, assuming his role as King of the Pridelands. I praise God for the ability to play the world’s #1 musical and truly grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the Washington D.C. theater network that offers one of Broadway’s longest-running Award-Winning Best Musicals