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VICTOR SIMONSON is a Washington, DC based music director, composer, arranger, keyboardist, organist, orchestrator and Minister of Music.


“Music director Victor Simonson is a centerpiece at the back of the stage, underscoring action on piano and accompanying songs that range from soft and prayerful to powerful and desperate, as the wounded and sick get tended to.”
Washington Post

“Boasting a stellar cast of a dozen proven actors and singers, the excellent musical direction of Victor Simonson and his subtle on-stage presence.”
Washington Times

“The actors do all of the singing and do it well; some also add occasional instrumental accompaniment, complementing the solid work at the keyboard by music director Victor Simonson.”
Baltimore Sun

“Musical director, Victor Simonson, also sits at the piano. He conducts the cast who, without the use of microphones, all possess strong, sweet voices that project beautifully in the theater.”
Maryland Theatre Guide